How to Apply

Funding Application Process

The application process occurs throughout the year, and is a two stage process:

Stage 1 is a simple “initial application” which involves completing a contact form with a brief explanation of your project.

Stage 2 is a full application form which requires a more in depth description of your project, it’s aims and structure. Trustees will meet and carefully consider each and every full application they receive. A decision will be made and applicants will be informed of the outcome as soon as possible. We will endeavour to give a reply within 6 weeks, however, this is subject to the number of applications we receive. Unsuccessful applicants will be provided with information on alternative sources of revenue and support to help with their project.

It is important that all applicants have read, and are familiar with, the eligibility criteria (see below) prior to applying. If your project does not meet the eligibility criteria, it is unlikely to be successful. 

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Eligibility Criteria

Successful projects will:

• Be based in Glastonbury or the surrounding areas.

• Have the intention and plan on how to become a financially self-sustaining project. 

• Benefit the community in one of the following ways: community networking, environmentally, financially, socially, educationally, culturally, or be concerned with housing, food sustainability, families, children, energy resilience or transport. 

• Be well thought through, planned efficiently and clearly presented in the application. 

• Demonstrate how the proposed work meets a gap in provision and complements existing services.

• Encourage community cohesion and celebrate diversity.

• Be required to feedback their progress and spending of the grant to The Glastonbury Trust and provide pictures of their organisation for publicity and marketing purposes.

Preferably, you will:

• Be a group or community organisation.

• Already have a sustainability plan in place for continuation beyond this funding period.

• Already have to the necessary skills and experience within the application team OR have plans on how to access these skills.

Must NOT:

• Be an individual project designed at career development, living expenses, training or personal monetary gain.

• Be harmful to people, animals or the environment.

• Be a statutory organisation, such as Local Authorities or NHS organisations.

• Be commercial or current profit-making organisations or projects.

• Already owe monies to other organisations and intend to use this grant to pay debts.

To make an initial enquiry regarding our grant scheme, please contact us. If your project fulfills the eligibility criteria, we will then send you an application form.