Our Trustees

The Glastonbury Trust is currently run by a board of four trustees who oversee all aspects of the Trust. When it comes to the allocation of Trust funds, such as in the 2017 Grant scheme, the decisions are made by these trustees.

Chairperson: Mike Jones

Mike moved to Glastonbury in 1989 and worked as property manager for the Glastonbury Experience from 1991 to 2007. He was the Executive Director of the Glastonbury Trust from 1999 to 2007 and has been a trustee of the charity since 2007. He also publishes The Oracle, a free monthly What’s On guide to Glastonbury. His especial interest is in creating sustainable community infrastructure in Glastonbury and the local area. The central principle is that community organisations should become economically self-sufficient and not rely on grants for their survival. Indeed, the intention is that community organisations should generate a surplus to donate to other initiatives in the town. Mike has been involved in setting up a variety of local community organisations including the Red Brick Building, Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development (ecohousing), West Mendip Credit Union, Glastonbury Community Development Trust and the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. His vision for the future is the development of community housing, community ownership of utilities and other projects that contribute to the self-sufficiency of Glastonbury.

Mike Jones

Executive Director: Dharam Barrett

Dharam grew up in Avalon and has been doing business and creating projects in Glastonbury for over a decades. Her main interests lie in community cohesion, inclusion and personal growth especially focussing on family, children, parents, single mothers, the elderly and most vulnerable members of our community. She believes that communities can flourish and unite through clear communication and opportunities to work together. Community can easily become the family that many people lack in this hectic modern society if they focus on unity, supporting each other and learning together. She would like to see The Glastonbury Trust as a strong influence in putting the Unity back into Community within Glastonbury and assist in building a strong network and infrastructure for our future generations.

Dharam Barrett

Trustee: Gareth Mills

Gareth is a Director of The Speaking Tree and the Red Brick Building. He is encouraged by Buckminster Fuller’s proposition that: ‘You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.’

Gareth Mills

Trustee: Kim von Coels

Kim has lived in Glastonbury town centre since she was a child. She is very fond of the diverse community and often volunteers on community projects. Her passion lies in encouraging creativity and connecting people through effective sharing of local information. Her recent endeavours include creating a free map of the town for visitors and coordinating the Glastonbury Mural Trail with the help of the Chamber of Commerce. She believes in people before profit, giving more than you take, and helping your neighbours. She would like to see more usable public outdoor spaces, and loves it when different groups and types of people work harmoniously alongside each other supporting each other despite differences in beliefs, ideas and lifestyles. Also, things don’t happen unless somebody makes them happen, so let’s make them happen.